Have you ever wished for your music or song to sound just like it was produced by a top notch mainstream recording studio? Imagine yourself being able to accomplish this without ever stepping foot in a real recording studio. That’s right! No more paying for expensive studio time and feeling under pressure due to time limitations. No more hiring hourly-paid sound recording engineers just to help capture your voice. No more having to make appointments, dress up, fill gas in the car, travel, or even having to see anyone face to face just so you can get your song professionally produced. Through us, you can save A LOT of money if you do the recording yourself; and we show you how!

With today’s technologies, we can create and produce songs/music for you regardless of where you live. We have had several artists work with us without ever meeting us in person.

If you’d like to get started, please tell us about yourself and what you’d like to accomplish at this link: http://www.vocalsync.com/contact.

We are a Publisher registered with ASCAP.