What’s This?

Relaxing Music Station (a YouTube Channel) is dedicated to bringing you special music to help relax your mind, heart, body and soul. This is our way of sharing the gift of music with you. Yes, this is a FREE service that we provide via YouTube to inspire and encourage all of humanity towards looking forward to a beautiful life despite the many challenges that we all face from day to day.

So, sit back and relax. Open your heart. Free your soul. Attract positivity. Breathe steadily. Life is beautiful because you are in it. The world awaits your beauty. Let go of your angers. No one ever got far by hurting others. Reach towards self enlightenment. To love and be loved means to become Love itself. Forget about bad things that happened; instead, focus on good things and it shall come to past. We all feel pain; but how we each decide to heal makes all the difference.

VocalSync’s moto is “Making Music that Heals”. We enjoy producing and also promoting music that attempts to heal all living creatures on this planet. If you think this is a great idea, then we invite you to listen to the music on our channel. Below is only a few samples of what we bring to the world. Please consider subscribing so that we know you are interested in hearing more.

Dear Musicians, we would like to hear from if you would like to be part of our future music production specifically in regards to our Relaxing Music Station. Please drop us a line at your convenience and introduce yourself.

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Thank you for dropping by.

We wish you a pleasant time wherever you are in the world.

Take care and may the heavens bless you.